How can I help?

I am here to help you birth the way you want and how you feel comfortable. I am here to listen and support and I will be honored to do so!

Is your partner stressed or overwhelmed?

I can help them find ways to feel useful, understand better, or provide resources to help.

Drowning in endless information?

I would love to help you understand better and make informed decisions that you are comfortable with!

Want a natural birth? Want to use all the pain meds ?

Go for it! I'll help you!

Overwhelmed with life after birth?

I have the knowledge and resources to help! Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, dishes, naps, questions, postpartum depression? 

My job is to help you find your inner strength to proudly perform one of life's most amazing miracles however suits you best. This strength is unique to every mother in history it is a Mother's Strength I would love to help you find yours!

What I Do Not Do...

While I am a retired Registered Nurse, and my knowledge is at your disposal, as your Doula I am not acting as a medical professional and thus I can not do ..

  • Any clinical tasks such as vaginal exams or vital signs.

  • Provide clinical advice or diagnose.

  • Make decisions for you or pressure you to make particular choices based on my preferences.

  • Deliver baby.

  • Attend free births (births with no medical professionals present).

  • Change shifts (I am with you for the entire process).

I am a tool and support for you during and after labor however I am not there to replace your partner or loved ones I am a wonderful addition to your support team!